About the Games

You and your friends are locked in a room with a one hour time limit to escape! Find the way out by working together with your group to decipher clues, solve puzzles, find keys, and solve the mystery of the room. Will you be able to escape? Or will you run out of time? Try your skills in all of our unique rooms! Who knows, you might join our record breaking board!


Padlock Escape Games: College Station is the perfect venue for many occasions


  • Groups of Friends and Family

  • Date Night

  • Birthday Parties

  • Church Groups

  • Business Team Building


Want more information or have something else in mind? Visit the FAQ page and Special Events page for more details. Or call or email us and we will work to meet your needs!

Choose Your Game!

Room 1: Secret Study
Room 1: Secret Study

Trapped in a hidden library, you've been tasked with a great adventure. Can you escape and save the day in time?

Room 2: Kidnapped!
Room 2: Kidnapped!

You awake in a dark room, handcuffed and confused. You've been kidnapped for ransom! Can you escape your kidnappers in time?

Room 3: Masquerade
Room 3: Masquerade

You've been invited to a masquerade by the eccentric woman on the edge of town. When you arrive, you are told she has been murdered! Can you discover the name of the murderer within an hour?