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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Grab up to 10 friends and sign up for a time slot online. Show up 10 minutes before your game starts and then get locked inside your room. Find the way out by working together with your group to decipher clues, solve puzzles, find keys, and solve the mystery of the room. Try to escape within one hour to win (and even set a record!).



How much does it cost?

Each ticket costs $25 before tax with a minimum of 4 tickets required. To take advantage of any special deals we advertise, just book as you would normally and the price will adjust automatically!



How many people can be in one room/game?

Our games are ideal for 4-10 people, though groups of 1-3 who want a challenge are certainly welcome! Our Secret Study room can accommodate 8 people and our Kidnapped room and Masquerade room can accommodate 10 people. Have a larger group? Contact us and we will see what we can do to accommodate you!


I only booked a group of 3 people. Will I still get to play?

Most definitely! Just pay the minimum $100 and the room is yours. Our rooms can be completed by less than 4 people, it just makes it more challenging!

Will my room be private or will I be playing with strangers?

All of our rooms are automatically private regardless of how many people you book! 


What if I booked for 4 people but I bring 5 people?

Just have that person (and any other extra people you bring up to the room max) pay an additional $25 when you arrive and you are all set! 


What if I get stuck? 

Each team gets hints to use when your entire team is completely stumped. 



Is this an appropriate activity for Employee or Group Team Building?

Yes! Our rooms at Padlock Escape Games encourage teams to form bonds and showcase their strengths, all while having fun and solving problems together to reach a common goal.  Our staff would love to host your group for a private team building experience. Visit our Special Events page for more details! 



What kind of group events have you hosted?

We've hosted all kinds of events: middle school birthday parties, surprise parties, new employee team building, Fraternity and Sorority mixers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, company recruiting events, business socials, and more! We even had a few engagements; it was wonderful to be a part of their happily ever after! Visit our Special Events page for more details for any group events!



Are your rooms the same as rooms at other escape games?

Not at all! Our rooms are unique to Padlock Escape Games! We are not franchised, just a small business owned and operated by a couple of Aggies!



Are kids allowed or is there an age limit?

We are a family friendly establishment so everyone is welcome! Children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult while children under the age of 18 will need an adult to sign their waiver. If you have any questions, please contact us.



What if I don't escape in time?

You are trapped FOREVER!!!......Ok, we are being a bit dramatic. We will free you after 1 hour of gameplay. However, you are always welcome to come try again to successfully escape!



What if I need to leave the room before my team has escaped?

The door will be "locked", but every room is equipped with an exit button so if you ever feel like you need to leave the room, you will be able to leave. However, once you leave, you are not allowed back in to keep the integrity of the games intact.



How long does the entire experience last?

Briefing and rules will take about 10 minutes (so please arrive 10 minutes before your game time!). Time in the room can take up to 1 hour (your goal is to escape before that time is up!). Afterwards, we will take 10-15 minutes to snap a group picture and to debrief. If you escape successfully, you also have the opportunity to buy a t-shirt! Overall, the entire experience will last about 80-90 minutes.



Can I pay with cash?

Unfortunately, because of scheduling needs, all bookings that are made ahead of time must be made online with a debit or credit card through our Book Now page on the website. If you If this is an issue, please contact us.



Can I buy a gift voucher for someone?

Absolutely! Buy a gift voucher here! Did you receive one you'd like to use? Redeem your gift voucher here



Do you do refunds or cancellations?

Unfortunately, no. This is due to the nature of scheduling the games. However, we want all of our guests to have a great experience! If for some reason you cannot attend your event, we will reschedule you if you give us at least 24 hours advance notice (plenty of time for other people to book your time slots). If you have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email.


Can we bring food, drink, or alcohol?

We do not allow food or drinks in the escape rooms. You'll be having too much fun to waste precious seconds eating and drinking anyway! We are also a smoke-free and alcohol-free establishment. We reserve the right to turn away any overly intoxicated patrons. Please understand that we want all of our guests to have a great time while escaping our rooms!



Are you closed Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays?

We don't have regularly scheduled bookings on those days, but if you give us a call or shoot us an email, we can set up a special off-hours booking for your party or event. Visit our Special Events page for more information.

Where do I park?

We are located next to Barnes & Noble in the same building as Tutor John, just at the other end! Go around to the back of the Tutor John building and our parking lot is right there. Type us into Apple or Google Maps or check out our Location page for directions! 

Do you sell Padlock Escape Games T-Shirts?

We definitely do! We currently have t-shirts in sizes small through 2XL. They are $15 and can be paid for in cash or with a card. You can buy them when you book online or onsite.

What about Covid-19?

See what we are doing in regards to Covid-19 here.

My question wasn't answered here. What do I do?

Contact us! We'll do our best to answer any and all questions! 




We look forward to seeing you try to escape at Padlock Escape Games: College Station!

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